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January 31, 2019

Exercise Makes the Heart Grow Younger

Written by Coach Tom McGlynn

This is a great read about endurance activity and increased heart metabolism.

One of the key points is that the research was done with heart rates at 65-75% of capacity.  Since maintenance pace keeps you in the 65-80% MHR range this study is highly applicable to running.  The fact that these stimuli seem to return the heart to a metabolic state of youth could be paramount in heart disease prevention and overall cardiac throughput.

In theory our threshold/10K/VO2 work could stimulate an even greater cardiac metabolism since we operate closer to 85-95% of MHR.

If you’re in anywhere between 30-90 years old, this is a great read.

Exercise Makes Hearts Grow Younger

By Ryan Halvorson

Making News:

Do you have clients who seek to stay forever young? Endurance exercise may reverse the effects of aging on the heart. A small study first published online in the American Journal of Physiology—Heart and Circulatory Physiology (June 20, 2008; 295, H842–50) followed 12 previously sedentary adults aged 60–75 for about a year. Participants exercised at about 65% of maximum capacity during the first 3 months and then increased output to 75%. Subjects’ heart metabolisms were measured before and after the exercise programs. Upon study completion, researchers discovered that subjects’ hearts doubled glucose uptake during high energy demands from walking, running or cycling. According to lead author Pablo F. Soto, MD, the same response is found in younger hearts.

Soto and his team also noticed that there was a gender divide with regard to fatty acid metabolism. According to the results, the fatty acid metabolism of the female subjects’ hearts increased during exercise, while the males experienced the opposite effect. “By that gauge, the women had a better response to exercise training than the men,” states Soto in a press release. Overall, the results are promising and Soto hopes the data will help provide an impetus for people to remain active throughout their lives.

To learn more about this and similar topics, please see the following IDEA articles:

  • “Slow Down Aging With Interval Training,” September 2008 IDEA Fitness Journal, p. 30.
  • “Yes, Resistance Training Can Reverse the Aging Process,” September 2008 IDEA Fitness Journal, p. 21.
  • “A Second Chance at Health,” October 2008 IDEA Fitness Journal, p. 47.
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Coach Tom McGlynn

Coach Tom McGlynn

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