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February 25, 2009

Attire for the Changing Seasons - Warm-up Gear

Written by Tom McGlynn

It occurs to me that we spend a good deal of time with emphasis on the keys to our training approach:

  • Pace
  • Progression
  • Recovery

However sometimes I see even the most organized, motivated runners miss out on some of the basics.  Everyone knows to wear sweats and bundle up in the cold northeast but what about the kind of cold northwest.  Additionally many of our east coast members are approaching the time of year when the 40 degree + days become more frequent.


As always I am most concerned that all you remain healthy.  Remember if you're healthy, you're aerobic economy can be continuously developed through stress, recovery and compensation/conditioning.

So here are a few basics for running attire in the 40-65 degree temperature range.  This is specific for workouts:

  1. Wear a long-sleeve shirt and long pants over the shirt and shorts you will run the core workout with (Consider hats and gloves if desirable)
  2. As you complete the easy 10-20 mins jog start to peel off articles of clothing (maybe the hats and gloves)
  3. After the light stretch and start of drills take off your long pants
  4. Wear the long-sleeve for all the strides and then take it off when the interval part of the workout starts
  5. As soon as the intervals are complete (within 5:00) go and grab your long sleeve shirt
  6. If you cool down right away the long-sleeve may be sufficient
  7. Make sure to expeditiously put back on all your warmups as soon as the cool down is completed (before you stretch, talk with teammates and/or eat drink)

The most important step of all this is the speedy redressing after a cool down.  It is very easy to linger in just shorts and a shirt because you feel great after a good effort and it is a nice time to socialize.

I'm all for socialization as long as you're bundled up!!!!!

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