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February 27, 2021

Why do your plans include workouts at different paces?

Written by Dena Evans

What would happen if you ran the same pace over the same distance every day you went out to run?  Many people do it, and you may have even been that person yourself at one time.

You may have also wondered why your Runcoach plan has workouts at various paces and distances on your way to your goal race. We wanted to take a few moments to explain a few objectives to changing pace within workouts and/or running intervals.


1)A runner who arrives at their goal race ready to set a personal best has improved a number of physiological aspects, including how long he or she can endure a run distance generally, how long he/ she can run at a sustained pace, and how fast his/ her body can physically move (speed). In each distance event, you'll need a different combination of this recipe.

2)Imagine running your same run each day, going as hard as you can.  Chances are, if you are really pushing it, you'll feel tired enough after the first one or two days, that your next run will inevitably be slower, even if run with the same effort level.  In your schedule, we look to provide you with a mix of challenging days interspersed with recovery, either with shorter/ slower running or cross training to reduce impact/ pounding.  Planned recovery helps your body respond to the stresses of training.  It is during recovery that we see muscular and cellular development on a variety of levels also know as "super compensation".

3)We want you to have fun! We've found that structure injected with some variety in your workout schedule keeps runners more motivated and engaged.  Since very few days out of the year are race days, our goal is to help you enjoy day to day running journey as well as the achievement of your goals and personal best times.


Remember changing pace is good and running at faster paces than your goal race pace makes the race that much more manageable.

Keep up with your fast/slow and interval workouts - they will pay huge dividends!!!!!

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