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April 06, 2017

Runcoach Success Story: Corie Smith

Written by Jennifer Van Allen
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Corie Smith

Favorite sport: Marathon 

cs_rss_amb2Major milestone: Reduced per-minute pace and injury rate!

What is the secret to your success? Runcoach, cross training and proper fueling. I've also weaved in Shaklee Pure Performance supplements to help build core nutrition!

What is the biggest obstacle to reaching your goals and how do you get over it? Available time seems to be my biggest struggle. Runcoach has given me a longterm view of training schedule and even helped move schedules around to meet family and work demands.

What is the most rewarding part of training? For sure it's exceeding my target pace for the duration of the run!

What advice would you give to other members of the runcoach community? What and how you fuel is just as critical as sticking to the schedule! Consistency is the key to success!  After running 2 marathons with programs I found online, I was introduced to runcoach via Marine Corp Marathon. Training with the runcoach app, the community of runners and coaches was the accountability I needed to stay motivated through the many months of training. I knew at that point I would always train for marathons using runcoach!

Last modified on June 14, 2017
Jennifer Van Allen

Jennifer Van Allen

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