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October 24, 2013

Recover Like a Boss

Written by Dena Evans

RaceRecoveryCongratulations to all those who have completed their goal races over the last few weekends!  Whether you are basking in the afterglow of a milestone reached, or still awaiting the joy of the finish banner, it is important to consider the crucial training period of recovery.


Previously on the blog, we’ve covered a variety of topics related to recovery that are worth a quick read or re-read.  These include:


Throughout each of these, the main thread is the admonition to take recovery seriously.  One of the ways runcoach differs from template training plans or social training groups that focus solely on the one goal race is the inclusion of a recovery cycle into your plan.  As runners ourselves, we know that running is an ongoing pursuit for many, marked brightly with the signposts of big goals along the way, but more importantly, something we enjoy doing every day.


Taking recovery seriously is an important part of being able to enjoy your daily running without avoidable detours into the world of injury or illness.  We attack our running goals, sometimes seeking the badge of pride for finishing, hitting a certain time, or doing something of which our friends and neighbors will be justifiably in awe.  Recovering well doesn’t elicit the same sort of pats on the back or have the same cache as race results, and so makes us feel like we are weak or wimpy for needing it, and not any more accomplished for successfully doing it.  By definition, the lack of incidents means the recovery period has been a success.  Even so, it is important, necessary, and those that master the rhythm and resist the temptation to blow through it are often the ones who end up getting the most enjoyable race experiences over the long run.  The next start line doesn’t have to be that far off – recover like a boss and you will often actually get there faster!


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