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How it Works

How it Works (17)


Our platform syncs with popular activity trackers, so that your physical activity will be automatically uploaded to your Runcoach or Movecoach log. We sync with Fitbit, Apple HealthKit (Apple Watch),* Garmin, Strava Garmin Wellness, Nike+, Jawbone, and Runkeeper.

If there is ever any interruption in the flow of data between your tracking service and your  Movecoach or Runcoach log, a resync may resolve the issue.

Resync On Your Computer
Take the steps below to resync, using our web platform on a computer.

  1. Log in.
  2. Select “Training.”
  3. Click on “Sync” at left, just on top of the calendar
  4. Click “Unsync”
  5. Select the service to sync

Resync on Your Mobile Device
Take the steps below to resync Movecoach or Runcoach with your favorite activity tracker on your mobile device:

  1. Open the App
  2. Click on the person icon on the left bottom corner
  3. Select "More" at the top.
  4. Select "Sync a Service."
  5. Tap "Unsync" the service.
  6. Choose "Yes."
  7. Select the service to sync.
  8. Select “Start Syncing.”

Apple HealthKit
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If you are using Apple HealthKit, set your permissions  to "All Categories On" to ensure that Movecoach and Runcoach can read the activity that HealthKit records.
Here's how to do that:
  1. Open the HealthKit App. (It is the White App with the Heart icon)
  2. Tap "Sources."
  3. Tap Movecoach or Runcoach.
  4. Tap "All Categories On."

Any questions? Contact Us.

Movecoach FAQ

Written by Cori McGlynn December 10, 2021

employeesWith group fitness challenges, personalized training plans, coaching support, branded rewards, and our patented training technology, Movecoach will help you build your fitness, and lead a healthier, more active life.

Here are some FAQs:

1. How do I see my achievements/ progress?
Open your app and see the home screen. Scroll down to "achievements" to see all the milestone levels and badges you've compiled.
You can also see how many more miles or workouts you have to your next milestone.

In the website these details can be accessed through the icon(image) on the top right > Profile.

2. What's the training plan?
Races aren’t the only goals you can target. With Movecoach, you can challenge yourself to step, walk, run, bike, or swim a certain distance over a certain period of time, or post the most workouts of your favorite fitness activity. Movecoach will help you break up and create a path to the goal.

How to: On the App, select the calendar icon to the left of the home icon. Toggle to the “Goals” page, and click on the upper right-hand corner of the box that says “Current Goal.” On a computer, click on “Goals & Results” and select “+Goal.”

3. How do I create a mini-challenge among my friends?
As you participate in the company-wide, annual effort to move, create a personal fitness challenge that revolve around your own goals. Aim to post the most workouts of your favorite class or fitness activity. Or challenge yourself and officemates to step, walk, run, cycle, or swim a certain distance in a certain time.

How to: On the App, click on the flag icon to the right of the home icon. Select + Create A Challenge

On a computer, go to  “Challenge” then "Custom". Select Create A Challenge
Once the challenge is set up, Click on “Invite Friends” to encourage your co-workers to join your Challenge. You can encourage one another as your movement adds up, or enjoy a little friendly competition!

4. How do I hi-5 my friends?
Giving and getting support from your friends and colleagues is one of the funnest parts of the challenge. High five others for their hard work, and enjoy getting your own.

How to: On the App, click on the flag icon to the right of the home icon. Click on the  “Leaderboard,” then select on “Latest Achievements.” Click on the hand outline—you’ll see it turn solid blue— to give others a virtual “high five.” If you’re on a computer, go to  “Account Settings,” and select a team.

5. I need help. Who do I contact?
Our staff of USATF, and RRCA-certified coaches are here to answer your training questions.

How to:  On the App, click on the “Me” icon at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen. Toggle to “More,” and select “Need some help?” from the top.  Or, email us  at

Our philosophy is to train at current fitness level to race at peak performance.  For that reason, we don't use goal times.  Instead, we use your past race performances to generate your pace chart and training schedule.  This is the safest way to progress to the next level. 

With that said, we encourage you to consider running a shorter distance race prior to your goal race (for example, a 5K or 10K).  We expect that as you start to condition, you will run an equivalent faster non-goal race.  The system will then update all your training to match your new fitness level.

To enter your new race time, follow the steps below:

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