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July 11, 2017

Join the Movecoach Team at the Corporate Challenge

Written by Jennifer Van Allen

Here at Movecoach, the JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge San Francisco is a tradition that we look forward to each September. Though we walk and run at a wide variety of paces, as we prepare together as a team—celebrating one another’s successes, and commiserating about setbacks—we forge bonds that wouldn’t have been possible during regular office hours.

Meet the Movecoach team, and be sure to come say hello on race day!

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Tom McGlynn, Founder and CEO 
Movecoach CEO and founder Tom McGlynn will be running in his eighth Corporate Challenge.  “I love lining up just before the gun and seeing former colleagues, friends and other runners,” he says.  His race goals: to run faster than at least 1,000 runners who are 20 years younger, then dash back to the course to finish with Movecoach engineers, Charles and Aaron. Like so many Movecoach Challengers, for Tom, running means way more than anything that could be measured on a finish-line clock. He relies on running to manage stress and think more clearly. “If I don’t run, I’m completely non-productive and often times unbearable for co-workers and family members,” he says. “Running literally keeps me going.”

Cori Tresser, Head of Marketing
This will be Cori’s fifth year in the Challenge. She’s aiming to get to the starting line—and the finish—feeling fit,  fresh, and running her best. But even beyond the finishing times, she loves the benefits that a regular exercise routine bestows. “Exercise— whether I’m doing my Pure Barre Class or running outside for a few miles— makes me feel wonderful,” she says. “I usually feel like I can do anything after a good exercise session (that only lasts about 20 minutes).”

Aaron Bentley, Application Engineer

aaroncristina Aaron will be participating in his first Corporate Challenge. He started walking last year with his fiance, Cristina, when they adopted their dog Zoe. Now he cherishes that time to unplug from work, and reconnect. “It’s a time for me to unwind with Cristina and our dog, Zoe,” he says. “It gives us time to talk about our days without the distraction of technology.” Aaron plans to walk the event, finish in under an hour, and meet some Movecoach clients along the way.

Sarah Lippitt, Data Scientist

sarahrunningphoto 1Sarah ran the Corporate Challenge for the first time last year. Her favorite part is the finish line. As a night owl, she especially appreciates the fact that the race occurs inthe evening—those are rare! 

She’ll wait to set a goal until the week before the race, “when I know where the summer training has taken me,” she says. Sarah loves the spectacle of large running events. But she also enjoys how training helps her discover and explore new places she’s never been before. “I like to create new routes for either a run or bike ride and find new scenes and places that I otherwise may not come across,” she says. “I also like to create GPS art. Completing the picture will definitely keep me going!”

Brett Miller, Director of Business Development
 Brett will be participating in his fourth JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge. “My favorite part of the event is meeting lots of other people from different companies who are working towards making fitness a part of their lives,” he says.  “Through our clients, Movecoach has a ton of employees participating.  Getting to meet them, and hear their stories is a great part of the event.” Brett’s goal this year: To have fun and feel like he performed well.

But like so many Movecoach participants, the real rewards come on the way to the starting line. “When I can consistently get out for a 30 to 60- minute run, lots of other things start falling into place,” says Brett. “ I get time to clear my head, my body feels better, and I start to see real improvements in my running too!”

Ashley Benson, Head of Product
ashleyrunningphotoAshley will be running in her fourth JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge. “My favorite part of the event is the camaraderie and team spirit that the race inspires amongst the Movecoach team,” she says. Her goal: to contribute to a mixed team title, and to be among the top female finishers in the race. But running holds so many rewards, even beyond the finish line, namely, “the feeling of accomplishment when I’ve achieved a goal,” she says. “ It’s addicting!” 

Charles DeWald, Senior Application Engineer

charlesCharles has completed the event twice before. For him, the event presents a great opportunity to see the scenic lower part of the city that he doesn’t get to see during his normal workday routine. The time he puts into working out on a regular basis gives him a strength and resolve that shines into so many other corners of his life. “Finishing a workout—regardless of how you feel—builds mental toughness,” Charles says. “And that’s always in demand.”

The JP Morgan Challenge
San Francisco is Thursday, September 7, 2017 at 7:15 PM. For all the details about the event, click here.

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