Steve L.
Purdue Boilermaker Half
"Perfect race conditions, great running partners. Fifth time with this race, and fifth time setting a PR! What else can you ask for?"
10-22-2016 Half marathon 01:39:37 Overall Place  Overall# 120  Age# 13
High Fives
Best Race
Vance W.
Phoenixville Run
"50 degrees, windy, and drizzle - just what a fall race should be!"
10-22-2016 10K 00:46:52 Overall Place  Overall# 14  Age# 2
High Fives
Good Race
Anika K.
Amsterdam Marathon
"Had a crappy preparation, so knew this would not be my best race. Happy I made it to the finish line!"
10-16-2016 Marathon 03:39:11
High Fives
Good Race
Kate K.
Baystate Half Marathon
"Great day for a race!"
10-16-2016 Half marathon 01:46:35
High Fives
Good Race
Ian H.
Great Birmingham Run
"So happy with the time, after carrying a bit of a hamstring strain"
10-16-2016 Half marathon 01:26:23 Overall Place  Overall# 128  Age# 15
High Fives
Best Race
Tom H.
Groton Forest Trail Race
"A beautiful, but challenging, trail race. Lots of short steep climbs and descents in first 1/3rd and mile 7 beat you up. According to my watch, it's only 8.4mi. Still it's one of my favorite races."
10-16-2016 9.5KM 01:26:29 Overall Place  Overall# 41  Age# 4
High Fives
Good Race
David B.
Des Moines Marathon
"!st race coming off a back injury."
10-16-2016 Half marathon 02:07:28 Overall Place  Overall# 1601  Age# 46
High Fives
Good Race
Chuck J.
Chattanooga 4 Bridges Half Marathon
"Steady effort, warm, and a little hilly at times. Ran a new friend to her PR!"
10-16-2016 Half marathon 01:54:06
High Fives
Good Race
Dante M.
Detroit Free Press International 1/2 Marathon
"Good race. Good warmer weather than usual. 96/224 in 60-64 age group. 5838/11229 overall"
10-16-2016 Half marathon 02:32:47 Overall Place  Overall# 5838  Age# 96
High Fives
Good Race
Justin W.
Palma Half Marathon
"My legs weren't ready for a 2nd half marathon in 8 days - so my slowest time for 6 years. BUT, what a fantastic beautiful course on a glorious hot sunny day - amazing"
10-16-2016 Half marathon 01:44:49 Overall Place  Overall# 500  Age# 66
High Fives
Good Race
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