Teresa M.
Clear Path for Veterans 5k
"Inaugural Race for Veterans. 38 participants. Besides the usual awards, they also gave an award for the first male and female veteran to finish and for which I received the award for 1st female vet. That was an amazing feeling!!! "
09-14-2014 5K 00:28:23 Overall Place Overall# 8  Age# 1
High Fives
Good Race
Thomas M.
Run Wild for the Detroit Zoo
"Fun Race"
09-14-2014 5K 00:25:25
High Fives
Good Race
Jessica L.
TCU Theta 5K
"bib time 00:41:10.41 gun time 00:42:29.28 pace 13:17"
09-14-2014 5K 00:41:10 Overall Place Overall# 306  Age# 4
High Fives
Good Race
Jessica R.
UV Splash 5K
"Fun run in the dark!"
09-13-2014 5K 00:30:29
High Fives
3rd Best
Andy W.
big cottonwood
"Last yr. I did the full with only 30 days training so I could go back to Boston after dropping at mile 7 and because of the bombing. I BQ'd 14/15 just running by effort. I was envious of those doing the 1/2 so I signed up for this year. My goal was a 1:35 but I really wanted to win my age group. I was the oldest in it. I turn 65 in Nov. Great race! PR/PB by 2 minutes from my age 44 race. "
09-13-2014 Half marathon 01:37:02 Overall Place Overall# 193  Age# 1
High Fives
Best Race
Connie T.
Tunnel 10K
"Updated - forgot to stop Garmin after race."
09-13-2014 10K 01:16:04
High Fives
Good Race
Kimberly L.
Minnesota Power Tunnel 10K run
"First 10K ran while talking with a friend most of the way! FUN don't think my chip worked :( 339/406 overall 54/69 in age group 236/297 females!"
09-13-2014 10K 01:14:35 Overall Place Overall# 339  Age# 54
High Fives
Good Race
Linda H.
Relay for life at Lewis
"Hot hot day. 80 degree high humidity"
09-13-2014 5K 00:34:54  Age# 1
High Fives
Good Race
Gerard P.
Princeton Hospital 5mile
"rolling hills good overcast weather"
09-13-2014 Five miles 00:44:31
High Fives
2nd Best
Robert S.
Kensington Challenge
"15K PR Negative splits from Mile 2 on."
09-13-2014 15K 01:24:59 Overall Place Overall# 133  Age# 11
High Fives
2nd Best
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