Nicholas B.
Slow down the pace
"Not a real race, just made up to slow down the training pace to be more comfortable."
06-23-2015 5K 00:29:00
High Fives
2nd Best
Dan D.
Vancouver USA Marathon
"Boston qualified! Thanks runcoach"
06-21-2015 Marathon 03:26:33 Overall Place Overall# 56  Age# 2
High Fives
Good Race
Lorelei S.
Bear Lake Trifecta #3
"Race #3 in the series. We felt our best in the last race of the series, which baffles us. We thought we'd be wiped out, but maybe we finally acclimated to the high altitude or maybe our bodies were adjusting to the daily half marathon run streaks. This course was rural and amazingly beautiful. All the courses in this series had different flavors. There was no getting bored. The race director even drove next to us and serenaded. I have to say that the race organizers did a great job keeping this exciting and fun."
06-21-2015 Half marathon 03:05:37
High Fives
Good Race
Emily S.
Mammoth Mountain Half Marathon
"9000-7200' altitude in heat and wind. Tough race but 6 minutes faster than last year."
06-21-2015 Half marathon 02:09:21 Overall Place Overall# 380  Age# 26
High Fives
Good Race
Jiro S.
Suika Road Race
"3"27/3'24/3'29/3'48/3'34(Suika 101"
06-21-2015 5K 00:17:44  Age# 14
High Fives
3rd Best
Deborah B.
Jalapeno Half Marathon
"Interesting that clock time and chip time was the same, but I was about halfway in the pack. "
06-21-2015 Half marathon 02:02:48 Overall Place Overall# 103  Age# 1
High Fives
Good Race
Javier V.
Medio Maraton Dia Padre
"I felt strong legs in the hilly part of the race."
06-21-2015 Half marathon 02:43:40 Overall Place Overall# 1331  Age# 3148
High Fives
Good Race
Vicky W.
MB Marathon
"Beautiful day for the Manitoba Marathon. Got hot near the end, but you really can't complain."
06-21-2015 Half marathon 02:26:02
High Fives
Best Race
Noriyuki N.
32nd Tomisato Suika Road Race
"Suika means watermelon in Japanese."
06-21-2015 10K 00:57:17
High Fives
Good Race
Carlos C.
TN Senior Olympics
"The sun was out all day in TN and it was very hot which may have slowed me down."
06-21-2015 800 Meters 00:03:34 Overall Place Overall# 1  Age# 1
High Fives
Good Race
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