Ger W.
Dublin Half Marathon
"Wet and windy conditions so very happy to get another sub 2 hour done!"
09-24-2016 Half marathon 01:54:00
High Fives
Good Race
Gregory L.
ATC XC Classic 5k
"Big event with high school and college XC teams and I had no business in this. "
09-24-2016 5K 00:23:49 Overall Place  Overall# 263  Age# 10
High Fives
Good Race
Colm C.
Dublin 1/2 Marathon
"Went well, very comfortable "
09-24-2016 Half marathon 01:22:22 Overall Place  Overall# 99  Age# 28
High Fives
2nd Best
Žuentin S.
Walk 50 miles in 10-14 weeks
09-20-2016 50 Miles
High Fives
Bruce Z.
Santa Fe Half Marathon
09-18-2016 Half marathon 01:49:47  Age# 5
High Fives
2nd Best
Andy W.
Santa Fe Thunder
"Santa Fe Thunder starts with a two mile uphill. Not the most pleasant way to start a race. Although it forces you to start slow you can over run the hill and end up not being able to take advantage of the downhill. I wasn’t feeling great but the weather was perfect-in the 50’s. I ran the two miles right at 18 minutes. I ran them at 8:30 for my PR on the course at 1:43 in 2011. This time I stop at the first water stop prior to running down the hill to the village of Tuesque. I ran the race using some information I recently received after completing my second Maximal VO2 endurance testing at UNM. Although my Vo2 Max was 40.95 compared to 42.6 in 2008 my max heart rate was 169 down from 181. This comes with being 8 years older. My recommended running intensity based on my current aerobic fitness ventilatory thresholds was determined between 127-145 bpm. I ran the race walking through water stops to make sure I did not exceed my max heart rate. This allowed the fastest last mile of my race, but it may have slowed my overall time as I was a minute slower than last year. The following is was from my UNM endurance report. The first ventilatory threshold is termed the “aerobic” threshold, and it is the point during exercise where there is an abrupt increase in Ventilation (VE)/Volume of Oxygen Consumption (VO2) without an increase in VE/Volume of Carbon Dioxide Production (VCO2). In other words, you should exercise at intensity above this threshold to maintain your aerobic fitness. The second threshold is termed the “anaerobic” threshold, and it is the point during exercise where there is an abrupt increase in VE/VO2 and VE/VCO2. In other words, you should exercise above this threshold to improve your aerobic fitness. You should be able to exercise at intensity between the first and second threshold for an extended period of time. However, you will not be able to exercise for an extended period of time above your second threshold. Therefore, it is best to perform interval training above this threshold. Knowing the ventilatory threshold aids in setting the level of exercise intensity and designing a training plan. "
09-18-2016 Half marathon 01:48:33 Overall Place  Overall# 144  Age# 1
High Fives
Good Race
Janelle D.
Half Moon Bay Half Marathon
"This was my best race ever! Thanks to Runcoach for the new PR and my first sub-2:00 time!"
09-18-2016 Half marathon 01:57:42 Overall Place  Overall# 152  Age# 25
High Fives
3rd Best
Dan F.
Ottawa Army Run
"wanted to break PB of 1:49:20. Sunny and hot and crowded run. extra distance from weaving in and out through off my pace plan. "
09-18-2016 Half marathon 01:50:07 Overall Place  Overall# 606  Age# 25
High Fives
2nd Best
Deb K.
Capital City River Run
"Went wonderfully ! Paced with coach abound felt great afterwards. Followed with a 10 mile bike ride!"
09-18-2016 3.1Miles 00:36:39 Overall Place  Overall# 337  Age# 4
High Fives
Good Race
Matthew H.
Kemah 10k
"Humid day for 4 trips over the Kemah bridge "
09-18-2016 10K 01:00:18 Overall Place  Overall# 374  Age# 31
High Fives
Good Race
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