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Focus-N-Fly® Announces Performance Guarantee for Runners in Celebration of runcoach™ Rebrand and Enhanced Functionality

Tina Wilmott

runcoach Rebrand / New Name

Wipro San Francisco Marathon Performance Guarantee

Nike+ GPS Integration

San Mateo, Calif. - April 23, 2012 - Focus-N-Fly, a leading provider of interactive training programs for runners of all levels, announced today an unprecedented Performance Guarantee for runners who use its improved and rebranded training program " runcoach” to train for The Wipro San Francisco Marathon taking place July 29, 2012. In addition to creating a highly personalized online training regimen for each individual, runcoach has added a number of new features for increased functionality.

“runcoach is a training program unlike any other, and our new name underscores what we do and who we are,” said Tom McGlynn, CEO of Focus-N-Fly. “runcoach provides inspiration, energy and expertise to all runners. Our Performance Guarantee demonstrates the confidence we have in runcoach’s ability to help runners achieve their goals and run more.”

runcoach has been named the Official Online Training Program of The Wipro San Francisco Marathon. Runners who sign up for runcoach when registering for the race and use the plan to train for The Wipro San Francisco Marathon are guaranteed to achieve their runcoach estimated race time, or have their training plan fees refunded.  On average, runners training with runcoach for 12 weeks or longer, see a seven percent improvement in their race finish time over prior races.  That equates to an approximate 19-minute improvement for the average marathon finishing time of 4 hours and 28 minutes.  Details of the promotion are available on The Wipro San Francisco Marathon’s website at .

“We are pleased to have runcoach as the Official Online Training Program for The Wipro San Francisco Marathon,” said race director Pamela Madigan.  “Our race has been referred to as the ‘race even marathoners fear,’ due to its challenging, hilly course. Using runcoach to train for this event makes sense, because it is adjustable and personalized to the individual.”

With its patent-pending algorithm, runcoach collects and evaluates 20 key data points including fitness level, event distance, schedule preferences and running background to create a 100% customized training plan which users can access online or via an iPhone application. Unlike standard template programs and other online plans, runcoach is the only online training engine specifically for runners that can instantly recalculate a user’s training plan to adjust for missed workouts, a change in goal race, increased fitness levels and more. runcoach also provides personalized, weekly emails and access to plyometric drills and injury prevention videos on its site. Additionally, runcoach has added Nike+ GPS integration giving runners the ability to pull Nike+ GPS data into their training log. Previously known as “Focus-N-Fly,” the name of its parent company, runners can take the first step toward improved performance by visiting

About Focus-N-Fly

Tom McGlynn, an accomplished runner and coach who qualified for the U.S. Olympic Trials Marathon in 2000, ’04, and ’08, founded Focus-N-Fly in 2002.  In an effort to make proven training methodologies more widely available, he engaged a team of programmers to create a fully adjustable, algorithmically fueled online training technology.  The resulting product, runcoach, offers the highest level of customization of any online training solution. For more information about runcoach, please visit

Runcoach is a brand owned by Focus-N-Fly, Inc Copyright 2018